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(Turning front drive into rear drive)
(Needed parts)
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=Needed parts=
=Needed parts=
*acrylic glas sheet
*acrylic glas sheet (1mm)
*rubber band
*rubber band

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This page describes how to modify the Ardumower Chassis to run up higher slopes with it (tested up to 30 percent). This works by

  1. turning the front drive into a rear drive and so requires to reverse the drive direction (so front is back and back is front)
  2. modifying the tire profile (give it more grip)
    1. Modify tire profile OR
    2. Off-road version (sand etc.): A bicycle tube is added around the tire

Needed parts

  • cup
  • acrylic glas sheet (1mm)
  • rubber band

Turning front drive into rear drive

  1. swap motor cables (right and left)
  2. swap odometry cables (right and left)
  3. swap battery charging pin cables (right and left)
  4. disable ultrasonic sensor
  5. move perimeter coil from old front to old back side



  1. Demo
  2. Optimized tires
  3. Bicycle tube tires for 'off-road'
  4. Ardumower rear/front driven climbing difference

Other ideas