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This page describes the 'Ardumower Mini' that can be used to implement a full Ardumower for indoor software development and that you can purchase via the shop Shopping.png

Needed parts



  1. Ardumower mini
  2. Ardumower mini tracking perimeter wire


The Ardumower Mini can run the same software as the 'big Ardumower'. For the PCB, you don't need to use an Ardumower PCB - instead you can (with some limitation) connect the components directly to the Arduino Mega as shown below. The limitations are: there will be no battery charging circuit, no charging station, and of course your wiring will not look as nice as a ready PCB :-)

For software download, see the Ardumower PCB/code page. In the Arduino IDE, go into file 'config.h', and activate the pin configuration for the Ardumower Mini (enable '#define USE_MINI' and disable '#define USER_MOWER'). Now the code will use the Ardumower Mini pin configuration file ('mini.cpp').

NOTE: Do not use more than 7 volt to operate the mini DC motors!

1. Start button

Button (a) --- Arduino pinButton (for actual pin number, see code: mini.cpp)
Button (b) --- GND 

2. Piezo buzzer

Buzzer (a) --- Arduino pinBuzzer (for actual pin number, see code: mini.cpp)
Buzzer (b) --- GND 

3. Motor driver

3.1 For L298N motor driver

+5v  --- leave open
+12v --- LiPo 2s battery 7volt (+) 
GND  --- LiPo 2s battery 7volt (-)
ENA  --- insert jumper (enables OUT1,2)
IN1  --- Arduino pinMotorLeftPWM  (for actual pin number, see code: mini.cpp)
IN2  --- Arduino pinMotorLeftDir  (for actual pin number, see code: mini.cpp)
IN3  --- Arduino pinMotorRightPWM (for actual pin number, see code: mini.cpp)
IN4  --- Arduino pinMotorRightDir (for actual pin number, see code: mini.cpp)
ENB  --- insert jumper (enables OUT3,4)
S1   --- insert jumper (enables 5v regulator for +12v voltage input)
OUT1 --- left motor (+)
OUT2 --- left motor (-)
OUT3 --- right motor (+)
OUT4 --- right motor (-)

3.2 For MC33926 motor driver

M1_FB     --- Arduino pinMotorLeftSense (see code: mini.cpp)
M1_SF     --- Arduino pinMotorLeftFault (see code: mini.cpp)
M1_PWM_D1 --- connect with jumper to GND
M1_PWM_D2 --- connect with jumper to VDD
M1_IN1    --- Arduino pinMotorLeftPWM (see code: mini.cpp)
M1_IN2    --- Arduino pinMotorLeftDir (see code: mini.cpp)
EN        --- Arduino pinMotorEnable  (see code: mini.cpp)
M2_FB     --- Arduino pinMotorRightSense (see code: mini.cpp)
M2_SF     --- Arduino pinMotorRightFault (see code: mini.cpp)
M2_PWM_D1 --- connect with jumper to GND
M2_PWM_D2 --- connect with jumper to VDD
M2_IN1    --- Arduino pinMotorRightPWM (see code: mini.cpp)
M2_IN2    --- Arduino pinMotorRightDir (see code: mini.cpp)
EN        --- Arduino pinMotorEnable (see code: mini.cpp)
VDD       --- Arduino 5V 
M1OUT1    --- left motor (+)
M1OUT2    --- left motor (-)
M2OUT1    --- right motor (+)
M2OUT2    --- right motor (-)
VIN       --- LiPo 2s battery 7volt (+)
GND       --- LiPo 2s battery 7volt (-)

4. Arduino Mega

Power jack       ---  LiPo 2s battery 7volt (outside is-/inside is+)
pinMotorLeftPWM  ---  left motor speed (see code : mini.cpp)
pinMotorLeftDir  ---  left motor direction (see code: mini.cpp)
pinMotorRightPWM ---  right motor speed (see code: mini.cpp)
pinMotorRightDir ---  right motor direction (see code: mini.cpp)

5. Bluetooth receiver

VCC5.0  --- Arduino 5v   (for 5v Bluetooth version)
VCC3.3  --- Arduino 3.3v (for 3.3v Bluetooth version)
TXD     --- Arduino RX2
RXD     --- Arduino TX2
GND     --- Arduino GND

6. Sonar (ultrasonic)

VCC     --- Arduino 5v
Trig    --- Arduino pinSonarCenterTrigger (see code: mini.cpp)
Echo    --- Arduino pinSonarCenterEcho (see code: mini.cpp)
GND     --- Arduino GND

7. Model R/C

VCC           --- Arduino 5v
CHANNEL steer --- Arduino pinRemoteSteer (see code: mini.cpp)
CHANNEL speed --- Arduino pinRemoteSpeed (see code: mini.cpp)

8. IMU (compass/gyro/accel)

SDA     --- Arduino SDA
SCL     --- Arduino SCL
GND     --- Arduino GND
VCC5.0  --- Arduino 5v

9. Perimeter receiver

VCC     --- Arduino 5v
IN      --- coil (a)
GND     --- coil (b)
GND     --- Arduino GND
Out     --- Arduino pinPerimeterLeft (see code: mini.cpp)

10. Perimeter sender

See Ardumower sender.

11. Odometry (wheel encoder)

VCC               --- Arduino 5v
GND               --- Arduino GND
DO1 (left motor)  --- Arduino pinOdometryLeft (see code: mini.cpp)
DO2 (right motor) --- Arduino pinOdometryRight (see code: mini.cpp)   
NOTE: Set 'twoWayOdometrySensorUse = 1'