Ardumower chassis

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This page describes the assembly of the Ardumower chassis that you can purchase via the shop Shopping.png.


Ardumower 1.0 Chassis specifications

  • Dimension (L/B/H): 60x36x25cm
  • Total weight: approx 9 kg (including all components - motors, battery, PCB etc.)
  • Adjustable mower motor height
  • Mowing motor: 24V DC, 3150 rpm
  • Mowing disc: 190mm diameter, 3 blades
  • Wheels: 250mm diameter
  • Gear motors: 2 x DC 24V planetary drive, 33 rpm, with integrated encoders
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion 29.4V
  • Max. incline: approx. 30%


  1. Building an Ardumower: chassis, motors, tires assembling
  2. Building an Ardumower: chassis, motors, tires assembling (slow)
  3. Overall impression
  4. Loundness test
  5. Gear motor test
  6. Gear motor hardness test
  7. Mowing motor hardness test
  8. Perimeter wire test (indoor)
  9. Perimeter wire test (120m outdoor)
  10. Obstacle detection via motor current
  11. Obstacles detection via ultrasonic
  12. Robot releases itself
  13. Robot releasing long-time test
  14. Plastic blades test
  15. Docking test (very initial prototype)
  16. Rain sensor test
  17. 3D simulation

Assembly: required tools

  • Screw driver
  • Imbus screw driver

Case assembly

Gear motors


Mower motor

Mowing disc

Free wheel

Further links

Detailed step-by-step instructions