Ardumower future

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Some ideas about future sensors, adding an additional CPU to the existing Ardumower HW/SW architecture, etc....

Future Ardumower software

  • Ardumower Sunray

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Future localization

  • UWB
  • Lidar

Future sensors

  • Lidar
  • DGPS



  • existing MCU (Mega) board for the controlling (actuators), sensing (sensors) - basically, current Ardumower PCB
  • new CPU board for high-level control (brain), examples: Rasperry Zero
  • commuincation interface and protocol (based on RS232 interface and session protocol)
  • simple-to-use (plug&play) IDE (including compiler & drivers) for the new CPU board
  • Java interface?

  • Main: Connectors for PMU, BMU, MMU, AMU, UMU, SMU, GY-521
  • PMU (Perimeter Management Unit): Mega 328
  • BMU (Bumper Management Unit): Mega 328, pressure sensor
  • MMU (Motor Management Unit): Motor drivers
  • AMU (Akku Management Unit)
  • UMU (Ultra-Schall Management Unit)
  • SMU (Sound Management Unit)

Commuincation architecture

  • shared serial bus (RS232 RX/TX) for all sensor/actuator devices
  • open collector (OC) outputs for signal triggers/interrupts
  • TX/RX for communication protocol (session-based)

CPU hardware support/drivers

  • For the driver side, ChibiOS could be a very nice start . It's an RTOS with high integration of hardware drivers , FATFS integration, LWIP etc...

IDE/compiler for CPU

The IDE and integrated compiler should be plug&play (like Arduino IDE). Some ideas:

  • emBlocks (integrated compiler for many CPUs including Rasperry PI, STM32, etc.)
  • chibistudio (modified Eclipse)

Running new code on the CPU

Running new code on the new CPU should be simple for end-users. Some ideas:

  • For debugging purpose, a serial connection (TX/RX) should be available for running new code, debugging
  • For end-users, a small binary (SD card) should be available for download