Azurit pfodApp protocol

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The communication protocol between robot and Android app (the 'pfodSpecification') is defined here:

All menus (menu items, sliders, buttons) are created inside the robot. The App only visualizes the created menus, and sends back a command if a menu item was clicked by the user.

Example communication:

1. App requests main menu:


2. Robot sends main menu to App:


The App will visualize the main menu like this:


3. User clicks menu item 'text1' and App sends back to robot the corresponding command:


and the robot will execute the command or send another menu to App (if item is another menu).

You can log the communication to a file (folder 'pfodAppRawData' or 'ArduRemote') on your Android device. For the ArduRemote, press the 'Android menu button' on your device and choose 'Enable logging'.

Fore details on all Azurit menus, see the Ardumower code:

For other pfodApp example code, see here: