Model R/C

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The Ardumower can be controlled via a model R/C. For remote controlling your robot mower you'll need:

  • a model remote control (e.g. 2.4 Ghz)
  • a suitable model remote receiver (4 channels or more)


The channel assignment is:

 left stick (left/right):  pinRemoteSwitch
 left stick (up/down):     pinRemoteMow
 right stick (left/right): pinRemoteSteer
 right stick (up/down):    pinRemoteSpeed


For PCB1.3 and Azurit 1.08 it is as following:

Maybe first you have to activate "useRemote = 1" in mower.cpp.

Connector Signal
Pin1 +5V
Pin2 GND
Pin3 Signal Mow
Pin4 Signal Steer
Pin5 Signal Speed
Pin6 Signal Switch

The Mower can be started in R/C-Mode by holding the Powerbutton to start mowing until the third beep.


  1. demo