Archimedean spiral

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STATE_FORWARD was changed: After going into the STATE_FORWARD the Ardumower drives forward until motorSpiralStartTimeMin is reached and mow motor current goes above motorMowPowerThreshold (indicating that unmoved area with longer gras was reached). At this point the Ardumower starts to drive an achimedian spiral with a width determined by the motorSpiralFactor.

The overlap of the spiral traces is determinated by the maximal speed motorSpeedMaxRpm and motorSpiralFactor. Increase of motorSpeedMaxRpm or motorSpiralFactor leads to greater overlap.

A first spiral with duration of motorSpiralStartTimeSecond prepares the area for the second spiral in order to avoid not mowed ares in the center of the spiral.

Three new pfod variables:


motorSpiralStartTimeMin default value: 6 sec

motorSpiralStartTimeSecond default value: 18 sec

motorSpiralFactor default value: 30 sec


motorMowPowerThreshold default value: 15 W

New internal variable:

lastSetSpiralStartTime starting timepoint of the current spiral

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