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Ardumower WIKI - the manual for your Ardumower

Required parts: Ardumower


All modules can be purchased as complete kits via the shop Shopping.png .

What is needed for building your Ardumower:

Required parts: Perimeter loop

A perimeter loop is optional but recommended.

Building, Downloading, Running (steps)

Here are the steps for building your DIY Ardumower:

  1. Assemble the chassis (motors, mower slice, blades etc.)
  2. Assemble the PCB
  3. Connect motors, drivers
  4. Connect battery, charger
  5. Download software, setup, flash Arduino, first test NOTE: If you have never worked with Arduino before, read our 'Arduino first steps' introduction.
  6. Add & configure Bluetooth module
  7. Assemble Perimeter sender, add receiver
  8. Add & calibrate IMU (compass, acceleration sensor)

Ardumower Reference

Chassis assembly Chassis, tires, mowing disc, blades
Arduino code, schematics, PCB etc. Arduino first steps Ardumower PCB & code Troubleshooting
Actuators Motor, driver, protector, odometry Relay
Sensors Bumper sensor Perimeter wire Ultrasonic IMU Rain sensor Dropsensor
Energy Battery, undervoltage-protection, charger, station
Wireless Model R/C Bluetooth & App GPS
Other modules Realtime clock
Software architecture, algorithms PID control Ardumower simulator Ardumower software design
Arduino programming Arduino crash course Arduino code techniques Arduino Due

Your robot mower project / Dein Rasenroboter-Projekt

Describe your own robot mower project on a new WIKI page / Beschreibe Dein eigenes Rasenroboter-Projekt auf einer neuen WIKI-Site:

Your Ardumower extension / Deine Ardumower Erweiterung

Describe your own robot mower extension or improvement (optical, computer vision, IR landmarks, sound, navigation, wireless, or any other addition) on a new WIKI page / Beschreibe Deine eigene Erweiterung oder Verbesserung des Ardumowers:

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