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Required parts for the Ardumower


All modules can be purchased as complete kits via the shop Shopping.png .

What is needed for building your Ardumower:

Required parts for a perimeter loop

A perimeter loop is optional but recommended.

Building, Downloading, Running (steps)

Here are the steps for building your DIY Ardumower:

  1. Assemble the chassis (motors, mower slice, blades etc.)
  2. Assemble the PCB
  3. Connect motors, drivers
  4. Connect battery, charger
  5. Download software, setup, flash Arduino, first test NOTE: If you have never worked with Arduino before, read our 'Arduino first steps' introduction.
  6. Add & configure Bluetooth module
  7. Assemble Perimeter sender, add receiver
  8. Add & calibrate IMU (compass, acceleration sensor)

Ardumower Reference

Chassis assembly Chassis, tires, mowing disc, blades
Arduino code, schematics, PCB etc. Arduino first steps Ardumower PCB & code Troubleshooting
Actuators Motor, driver, protector, odometry Relay
Sensors Bumper sensor Perimeter wire Ultrasonic IMU Rain sensor Dropsensor
Energy Battery, undervoltage-protection, charger, station
Wireless Model R/C Bluetooth & App GPS WIFI
Other modules Realtime clock
Software architecture, algorithms PID control Ardumower simulator Ardumower software design
Arduino programming Arduino crash course Arduino code techniques Arduino Due

Your robot mower project / Dein Rasenroboter-Projekt

Describe your own robot mower project on a new WIKI page / Beschreibe Dein eigenes Rasenroboter-Projekt auf einer neuen WIKI-Site:

Your Ardumower extension / Deine Ardumower Erweiterung

Describe your own robot mower extension or improvement (optical, computer vision, IR landmarks, sound, navigation, wireless, or any other addition) on a new WIKI page / Beschreibe Deine eigene Erweiterung oder Verbesserung des Ardumowers:

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